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the value of life is measured by its beauty

my personal pollock story

one day,
some time ago actually,
I had some terrible dreams during the night
I was about four years old,
the dreams were so heavy and incredibly weird,
that I, as a child in time
not knowing anything yet about life and paintings,
was really afraid of those dreams
it were dreams of pictures, of weird forms
of strong, very colourful pictures of all possible designs,
all mixed up and leaving me as a very afraid child behind with my dreams.
the pictures I saw,
 were like the paintings of Pollock and always filled up my retina of the eye.
I did not understand what I was seeing in my dreams.
I mostly woke up crying
because they kept coming back
over and over again.......
but I did not dare to tell anyone
because no one would believe me,
would they?
only years later, when I was already in the midst of real action painting
I bought a book about painting and painters
my interest was immediately drawn by some pictures of paintings that were so to speak, in the same line, as I was making them
it were Pollock's paintings
I started to read about this man and his life and his paintings
I saw his paintings
I saw his drive
I recognized his way of thinking and aggression towards it all
I was born on st Patrick day
my first name is Patrick
but my parents didn't even know about the existence of st patricksday
I am not trying to insinuate anything here,
I am just stating facts that really happened  in my life.
Because they did happen.
Enjoy my paintings
As from now on
I will try to pass through this "pollock" period
and combine all elements I have found in this flabbergasting encounter
with new forms and methods
to go on creating Art, as this is necessary for me,
on the same level
as breathing is.

patrick gysemberg - action painter for a better world    2007

i have been invited to do a solo exhibition in Montreal canada

and to participate at the biennale of Firenze 2007 december

but i have failed to receive aid or support from our government since my artistic career

still is very juvenile.