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the value of life is measured by its beauty


very slowly

or even extremely sudden

all you ever learned in life is gone

all you ever hated in life is vanished

all you ever loved in life are as if it never ever existed

all humans you have always enclosed in your heart

have silently abandoned your vessel of life

because your lights went out

for good, warnings were not acceptable, nor listened to

your world has turned black

no shining sparkles any more

no  extreme emotions

no  everlasting love

no  profound hatred

no sickness

no pain

no nothing

all those things have stayed  behind, left as a gift for those

who survived you

let them be strong 

so they can handle all your lost inner intellect

you just lost forever

so why not should we not being enjoying

every second of our awareness

that we are

still around

to share all we still have now

just to share…..

all the love we can spare


patrick gysemberg 2009

my last will - for those who are left behind, read carefully




"my last wish and FINAL will"

If, for some reason, I do not make it till the end of this book, If i should get killed by those whom possibly will try to prevent this book, starting on page 2, to be published, I do not want any priest nor any religious sign near my funeral. The ceremony should be a very plain and simple "goodbye", held in very bright colours, with lots of bright flowers, dress code should be your own choice and anything but black: casual or  formal, you do have the choice, please, you wear those clothes you think you feel the most comfortable in (why should you wear clothes that make you feel miserable???) :  but very, very, even extremely colorful, that's what it all should be, or whatever...and why should it all be like this? Not because I am weird or an artist, no, just because I want this to be my final way to say to all those I have come across and loved in my life that I had a hell of a time here on earth and I am so grateful that I had the privilege of knowing you all. You bet that I loved you all and that I loved life as such. And I enjoyed each and every minute of it. It should be the celebration of gratitude; gratitude that it all turned out to be as it is /was, as it should have been. Gratitude towards life itself and its overwhelming power that enables us to love each other. Because that is the one and only thing what life is all about. Because that is what I did, what I tried to do and will keep on doing beyond this new state of mine, my "being dead". Towards you all. My God, even if i do not believe in this guy,  did I love you all. Be sure of that. Sorry I did not say it enough or acted accordingly as often I wanted to. If it was not for this imposing society with its rules of engagement and conduct, I would have kissed you all all over, constantly. To show you my love towards you all individually. But I did not. Now I am a bit sorry I did not do so. I still am kinda shy, you know...

 I only wish the music of Neil Diamond to be played - please use following list : from his latest album "home before dark", please play "if i don't see you again" "and pretty amazing grace", "without her", "hell yeah" (from his previous album12 songs) - live versions of : "I am...I said", "Captain sunshine", "he ain't heavy...he is my brother", "done too soon", "play me", "I have been this way before"...and many others...

please, let me die for at least seven - 7 - consecutive days, whilst music of Neil Diamond is softly playing on the background of the room where my remains rest for their last seven earthly days... before you go on burning my earthly remains...If I would have a separate spirit, or an inner self, not attached on my physical body, I would let "it" time to find the way out of my deceased body. And I wish my ashes not to be held on any graveyard but be held in an urn in my home garden or even better, to be scattered in the ocean.....maybe during a cruise....make sure :   please do not ever = never  put anything of my deceased body under the ground.

all worldly goods and possessions, if I have any on the moment of my decease, will go to those who are legally entitled to receive them.

thanks you for taking my last wishes into consideration

please go on loving each other as time is short, it always is

patrick gysemberg


action painter for a better world

PS I do hope to see or feel or whatever, you all back in the "next level" of this life or in another life form...

If not..., well..., I had a heck of a time here and i loved you all :)

take care....

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art,painting,picasso,beauty,expressionism, abstract,artist, saatchi, portrait,gallery,modern, novel, charity,investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,rich,diamond,pollock, action, contemporary,

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