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the value of life is measured by its beauty

the winners and their prices


 Prijswinnaars etalagewedstrijd middenstand ontvangen prijs

Zaterdagmiddag zijn in café Brigand de drie winnende prijzen uitgereikt in de fotowedstrijd van de Herentalse middenstand.

De winnaars mochten een foto van zichzelf als schilderij ontvangen. Patrick Gysemberg was de schilder van dienst van de originele schilderijen.

De prijswinnars : Lief Geens, Christel Huysmans en Jennifer Van de Velde.


Kunstenaar Patrick Gysemberg had tijdens de jaarlijkse Dag van De Klant verschillende handgeschilderde portretten in de Herentalse handelszaken geplaatst. Aan de gelegenheidgalerij was een zoektocht gekoppeld. Enkele portretten veranderden ondertussen van eigenaar.

Patrick Gysemberg : "Het portret van koningin Paolo werd naar de koningin gestuurd. Ik kreeg een vriendelijk bedankbriefje terug. De familie Hendrickx kocht het schilderij van hun oveleden vader 'Lowieke Stoof'. Het portret van Rik Van Looy bleef bij de zaak waar het werd tentoon gesteld."

Gysemberg stuurde de schilderijen van Martine Tanghe, Steve Stevaert naar hen op. Ze reageerden verheugd en stuurden een bedankbriefje.

people reading about my latest art event

first impressions of the art event



martine tanghe Belgian TV newsanchor

some exquisite ladies and gentlemen and some fine animals


art  project : "miss chicken, mister pig and miss cow, leading a bunch of fine people"

art supports commercial activities of all shops of city of herentals belgium

my life is art (tm)

creation of at least seventy emotional action painting portraits on show in all the shops of the city of herentals belgium

(some of them are already finished and to be seen here on my pages)

a fine selection of people who had a connection to positivism in one way or another and some extraordinary animals giving their own lives to please our dinner plates


(everyone on this planet is trying to survive and is doing whatever he/she can to distinguish him/herself from their neighbour. many use wrong tools. wrong means. to promote themselves. it is time we select the better part of them.)






on show in the Flemish city of Herentals 

 September 2006

the Art project of Belgian action painter

patrick Gysemberg www.mylifeisart.com ™


  • action painter creates gallery of exquisite people
  • Action painter makes self-willed action painting portraits of exquise people
  • Extra ordinary people stand portrait for action painter
  •  a series of action painting portraits of a selection of fine people
  • who have done something exquisite or outstanding in their lives
  •  to enhance beauty and to make other people happy or their lives more valuable.
  •  To be presented in several locations.list will follow.
  • all portraits have been on a show in the Belgian City of Herentals


As an example have been created up till now : The Belgian Queen Paola :

selection motivation  :Her marriage into the Belgian Royalty is kind of an heroic act,

that translated itself into a strong dedication and commitment and made her by far one

 of the most beautiful queens in the World, still on her throne.

Neil Diamond : selection motivation :

a living music legend, a singer-songwriter,

who succeeded to convince generations of die hard fans all over again by his way of intense performing.

 He has millions of fans worldwide.

 His next album is released on November the 8th. He will be 64 years old by then.


Nicole en Hugo :  motivatie : a world-famous ( in Belgium) singing and dancing show bizz couple.

 Selected because of their professional strength and endurance for over 35 years now.

 They showed their professionalism on all major cruise ships on cruises all over the world.

They survived all kinds of criticism and are now at this very moment celebrating t

heir victorious survival in Belgian showbiz.

They are utmost optimistic persons, people to be real “proud” of..


The paintings, the individual portraits will be all made on canvas,  50 cm to 70 cm of 1m to 1m large.

 The painting style is not precise nor strict,  but a mixture of real action painting,

 where the paint has its own “say” in the whole picture

(which is one of the essential elements of action painting, really) with realism,

where the painter in any case will try to capture the portrait is good as it gets.

 It will be impressions of faces as how the artist sees these selected individuals.

You see here a detail of queen paola and you see the paint running down,

 still making part of the portrait. Even the color blue is not accidentally chosen. 

  The selected persons are all still alive.

 Of course they have the preference to buy the paintings,

 but only after the exhibitions at the city of herentals, cultural centre,

 galleries and art houses will be finished, somewhere around the end of 2006.

 They can contact the artist directly to this purpose on Patrick.gysemberg@skynet.be


The artist/action painter, living at Wommelgem,  Belgium, but returning to his roots in “the kempen, city of Turnhout)

 is always trying to enhance the world you and I live, by emphasizing

in his art the message of positivism, love, hope and beauty.

He wants us all to contemplate about the things we are really doing in every day life

 and is trying to put this in to the real perspective.

 (against the real values in life we tend to forget or oversee)

 “the value of life is measured by its beauty”

The more “beauty” is part of your life, the more valuable your life will be for you.


That is why he wants to integrate between all the “bad” newsflashes

with this one positive “note”, creating a little smile upon your face.


When you are smiling right now, his mission is accomplished.

Now, if you like the portraits too, we are really getting somewhere, don’t we?!


All information on the creation of the portraits and the upcoming exhibitions,

(cultural centre and galleries and art houses, may always contact me for an exhibition)

you will find on www.mylifeisart.com ™


"action painting portraits-impressions of some exquisite ladies and gentlemen"

* a series of action painting portraits of a selection of fine people who have done something exquisite or outstanding in their lives to enhance beauty and to make other people happy or their lives more valuable. To be presented in several locations.list will follow.

 all persons from selection are still alive :

 "nicole and hugo" - a Flemish professional artis couple, working mostly on cruise ships all over the world. Motivation : long life up tempo spirit and actions in singing and dancing. Kept victorious over tons of negativism during their career.  "Neil diamond", lifetime singer songwriter. Motiviation : his dedication to his "singing art" is legendary and made of him a legend before death. Has millions woldwide die hard fans and his music touches several generations till today. Next album will be released on Nov. the 8 th. "Kim Clijsters", tennis phenomenon. Selection motivation : her "innocent" way of conduct and her pure drive to make it to the top, makes her outstanding in performance and speach.  "Queen Paola", for marrying into the Belgian Royals. Motivation : Her marrying into the Belgian Royals is as such an Heroic act, especially for holding out all those years to become the most elegant queen Belgium ever had. "Professor  Dr. David Baker" - Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS) University of Warwick United Kingdom. Motivation : Dr. Baker is one of the few intelligencia who is capable of combining all sec political facts and figures with the beauty of his creations of the arts. Dr Baker is a visual artist, teaching politics with an optimism which is rare or even non existing in combination with this segment of knowledge and understanding. He is the living prove of the word "hope" amongst mankind.
"Frank VanMechelen", 
A FIRST CLASS Belgian filmmaker and movie director. Motiviation : His drive to achieve the absolute highest quality in his films, by producing "above" standard individual movie pictures images, combined with his absolute charm and modest personal behaviour, makes him one of the leading  but not yet fully discovered filmmakers of the 21th century.  "Luc Tuymans", most famous Belgian painter. Motivation :  Only Mr Tuymans has reached a unique status in modern visual arts worldwide. His paintings have a rare purity.  "Bart De Pauw", television program inventor and funny person. Motivation :  Bart De Pauw is a no nonsense funny person who is able to  put a mirror in front of every self indulged individual and making him laugh with himself too. He is a high level comic actor with the highest down-to-earth  factor. "Stany Crets", actor and TV program inventor, Motivation :  again a comic actor who is constantly searching the boundaries of the laughter, at the risk of crossing these borders. These efforts make him an outstanding person with unique talents to enlighten the lives of others.  "peter van den begin", actor and program inventor, Motivation :  He forms together with Stany Crets a comic couple and is part of the search team for better humor on TV. He is the better actor of the two and plays exquiste character roles aswell. " Jan Declair", acting monument, Motivation : Jan Decleir (actor) is the living proove that we do not need our modesty to reach world wide recognition in what we do best. And maybe there are some more fields where we are "best" but are not yet aware of it. Jan Decleir opens our eyes where they are still closed by modesty and maybe false shyness.  "martine Tanghe", First Flemish News anchor....., Motivation : Mrs Tanghe sets an example as the leading lady of the Belgian News Television. For decades now. No competion."phara de aguirre": Belgian TV journalist, known for her no nonsense and straight forward honest questioning approach, a true heroic woman "Jim Carey", special actor, Motivation : No one uses his mouth and behaves his entire body so explicitly than Jim Carey to make people laugh.  "Tom Hanks", actor, Motivation :  He, who can carry 2/3th of a movie together with nothing but a ball, must have such a charism that it effects other people to their benifit. "toots tielemans", special musician, Motivation :  Toots acts if time does not exist in his life. "stephanie grimaldi from monaco", special woman, Motivation : an exquisite beauty who strongly believes in herself and the way she is taking on life and love.

action painting nand buyl

action painting nand buyl

oils and acrylic on canvas 50cm-70cm

some International reactions on the painting of Neil Diamond

see action painting portrait of Neil Diamond - a study
Posted by PATRICK 2005-10-04 09:18:49.0

see action painting portrait of Neil Diamond - a study made in three minutes...

a portrait of neil diamond - an action painting study

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Patrick!!!!! I just came on the board this minute and yours
Posted by Linnie 2005-10-04 09:24:37.0

was the first thread that I read ...




I am in awe of your abilities ... and speechless!!!

Thank you for sharing this with us ...

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Well, it's certainly colorful!! nt
Posted by Brother Love 2005-10-04 09:25:22.0


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YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!
Posted by LadyM 2005-10-04 09:37:19.0

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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I love it Patrick-especially the colors you used!-n/t
Posted by Pat F. 2005-10-04 09:48:11.0

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WOW! That is excellent! Great work Patrick! NT
Posted by Diane Christine 2005-10-04 10:01:07.0

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glad you like it
Posted by PATRICK 2005-10-04 10:03:52.0

it was just a "try out" but is seems i do have to leave it this way...

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thanks! i do like to work with bright colors, especially
Posted by PATRICK 2005-10-04 10:05:20.0

when it is about someone who is such a dynamic merson and a drive for so many of us! even if things go slow or bad, I still keep the optimistictouch, and thus indeed bright colors, always!

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yes, it wa just a kind of "try out" and it worked so well
Posted by PATRICK 2005-10-04 10:07:44.0

that with the first strokes, i recognized him and left it this way. Normally it takes longer to work upon a portrait to get it right, but, i tell you that i work from within, my paintings come from inside, and since I am a die hard Neil fan, he had no problem at all to emerge. of course I used a picture of him to relate to. so i could see if i had him on the canvas or not.

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it just has been created, the paint is still wet! its now seven o clock
Posted by PATRICK 2005-10-04 10:09:45.0

in belgium. that is...have a splendid evening all...

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It's amazing, Patrick!
Posted by Ginny G. 2005-10-04 10:47:10.0

I really like it. You did in three minutes what I could never hope to do in a lifetime. Great job!

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THREE MINUTES!!!??? THREE???? It's Awesome
Posted by wholespectrum 2005-10-04 12:58:18.0

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Posted by Rachel 2005-10-04 14:09:10.0

I LOVE it!!! Very nice!

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Absolutely FAN tastic! Love it Patrick. Your talent
Posted by Flame 2005-10-04 14:18:13.0

is awesome!

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Patrick, your painting is just wonderful! It's amazing that you
Posted by Kate Mira 2005-10-04 20:30:42.0

could do it in just three minutes!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope Neil gets to see it!

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You did a wonderful job on Neil's portrait, Patrick.
Posted by SusanH 2005-10-05 00:27:10.0

This is really amazing and to think you did it all in 3 minutes. Just awesome. I hope you send a copy of it to FOND for Neil to see. I think he would love it. Thanks so much for posting this.

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action painting of Neil, free download it on your pc, then
Posted by PATRICK (profile) 2005-10-04 22:53:32.0

print it on photopaper and frame it and you have your own little neil art piece, for free, from me to you! with pleasure and from the heart! patrick thanks you all liked it so much!

you all wonder I made it in three minutes. As you can see, it consists of only a few brush strokes on a red background. normally that is how I start on a portrait, then work on it further, but Neil came out art the first strokes so i left it that way, which makes it "special" to me.

free action painting of neil

Thank you so much, Patrick. That is so generous of you.
Posted by SusanH (profile)2005-10-05 00:21:35.0

Is there a video of you making this painting? It was so much fun watching you make other 3 minute paintings. You are a very, very talented man.

it is entirely my pleasure, lady!
Posted by PATRICK (profile)2005-10-05 04:03:22.0

By way of color and brush strokes, you have captured the....
Posted by Brother Love (profile)2005-10-05 07:15:28.0

.excitement and power of Neil the song writer and performer; excellent piece of work! Actually, one of your creations - including this one - would be an excellent cover for the forthcoming CD. Good work!!

Wow! Now I HAVE to buy a color printer! Thanks so much...
Posted by Ginny G. (profile)2005-10-05 07:38:11.0

Patrick, this is very generous of you. I think to have done that in three minutes is sheer genius. Were you listening to a Neil song at the time you painted this?

Excellent idea, Brother Love! This painting
Posted by SusanH (profile)2005-10-05 07:39:34.0

or "The Chair" would be a wonderful cover for the new CD. That is a brilliant idea!

no ginny, I was not listening to any music, I was just trying
Posted by PATRICK (profile)2005-10-05 08:06:16.0

this out (normally a portrait takes days to accomplish) and the brush strokes I did, just revealed neil at once, no corrections needed, so I decided to leave it this way, which makes it special to me and pure and essential.

I know Brother love, but it seems that Neil has chosen
Posted by PATRICK (profile)2005-10-05 08:07:37.0

a new pic of him and his guitar. So what can i say? thanks for the compliment though!

That is what i thought too, Susan, but Neil decides and it seems
Posted by PATRICK (profile)2005-10-05 08:09:38.0

he has choosen differently. But its his cd, so I can only suggest. Nevertheless I will enjoy his new music anyway.

I say exactly what I said yesterday, Patrick ....
Posted by Linnie 2005-10-05 08:43:18.0


Thank you so much for sharing it with us ... you have a keen 'eye' and a natural 'connection' with Neil Diamond to be able to 'feel' this painting so perfectly in such a short amount of time with no corrections necessary .... truly a gift of the soul ...

It STUNS me that you could do that in three minutes...
Posted by Ginny G. (profile)2005-10-05 08:51:51.0

It just must have been a something you felt deeply and it poured right out of your soul. Amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Hi Ginny .... if I may make a strong recommendation and
Posted by Linnie 2005-10-05 09:30:22.0

suggestion about getting a color printer ... "DO IT!!" It will be the 'best gift' you ever gave yourself ... sure it costs a little more, but printers are so inexpensive these days that everyone can afford a color printer. I bought my sister a very inexpensive "Apollo" a few years ago ... it was only $50 but she loved it and had no problem with it at all. We later found out that it was an 'offshoot' of HP because she used HP ink cartridges with it. She upgraded recently because her boss was getting himself a new color printer and he made her 'an offer she couldn't refuse' on his 'old' one, so she got herself an HP Photosmart.

You will find yourself printing and 'creating' things for yourself that you never imagined you would do ... just because 'you can!!'

Posted by maudie (profile)2005-10-05 16:04:36.0

Thank you so much, Patrick - for sharing this with Neil Fans.

Thank you Patrick! As the others have said, this is very
Posted by Kate Mira 2005-10-05 21:20:38.0

kind of you.



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