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people detecting my nautical series

an action painting impression of the arctic and nautical world


my nautical and arctic painting series

are a winner!see : http://www.art-interview.com/CompetitionWinners/competition_winners.html.

*Nautical and Arctic action painting impressions-a new painting series

After a journey of seven times towards the arctic sea world around Island,

 Svalbard and Norway, it came clear to me that i have to share these rare and exquisite moments

 in time and place with the world, since i have realized

that only a few fortunate people are privileged to see this once in their lives.

I have seen it seven times...

Moreover, seven is a magical number bringing luck and happiness.

So I am working now on a painting series of this magnificent piece of the earth 

 to share with you all. I hope you will enjoy what you will find here shortly on these pages.

patrick Gysemberg  01/08/05

action painter for a better world

meanwhile I have created a few paintings.

The strange thing is that at first there was no sign of "action painting" to it,

it was mere figurative, natural painting. Still, I felt again that something was lacking.

By adding a touch of action painting to it, they, my paintings,

became at once vivid and reacted as if brought alive.

I did not create a new style...just accidently I combined two ways of creation

and found out that this is indeed working in the end result.

I only do hope now that my audience, my viewers think so too!

Otherwise I certainly do have a problem.

Interview with patrick gysemberg :


Q : did you expect to win this price?

Pg : no, I did not. I was quite astonished but happy indeed. It allows me to show my work and I guess any artist is happy when he gets an opportunity to show his work, especially when it is in a fancy city as Berlin!

Q : what is this “mixture of action painting and realism” about?

Pg :  It is all about my constant “struggle” with paint and mixed media. I cannot paint like a normal painter, I always fight with my paint. Even when I make portraits or realistic work, like these “nautical series”. It is a constant “battle”, till I am satisfied with the results.

Q : Why these nautical series?

Pg : because they presented themselves as a great theme when I was on board of the TS  Maxim Gorkiy last summer, a fine cruise liner, now run by Phoenix Reisen in Bonn, Germany,  where I worked upon, some other life ago! The nature of our northern planet is sooo beautiful and vast and colourful that it offered me more scenes than I can actually can handle at the moment. I am still working on the series.

Q : So you ‘re not finished with these series?

Pg : no, I am not. In Berlin I only present a fine selection, my five “best” so to speak, and of course the winning canvas as well.

Q : where is the element of action painting in these nautical series?

Pg : you find them all over the canvas. If you look close, you “ll see the throwing of the paint, forming the shapes I aim for, accidentally or not….but they build together the picture I had in mind. To me a perfect combination because I have no patience to paint minuscule details, if they are not formed by the paint itself.

I think some parts are a quite “wonder” how they managed to form the picture I actually intended to create.

Q : so you leave a part of the creation process to the paint itself?

Pg : exactly, you’ve got it.

Q : amazing!

Pg : I cannot stop wondering myself, how it works, but it does. The fact that I even win prices with my paintings, prove my method isn’t that bad either!

Q : any upcoming projects after Berlin?

Pg : oh, many actually! It all depends on the sponsoring I get.

I ‘ll keep on working on my nautical series till my inspiration fades away. Then  I am working on a series of action painting portraits of people who have a positive contribution to today's world and thus will be part of a gallery of “exquisite people”. They will be presented in all the shops of “Herentals”, a city in Belgium, somewhere in 2006, to support the shops because they have had a tough year behind because of the construction works going on in the main streets of the town. So they can use any extra initiative. But details are not ready yet.

Then, I will translate the new cd of Neil Diamond “12 songs” onto the canvas (each 1m to 1m), a canvas per song, made in the same time as the song takes to sing. I am waiting for the blessing and support of Neil Diamond himself, but I guess that it  can take a long time before I hear something from that corner. And I need sponsors to support this act.

Q: any special request to end up?

Pg : Oooh yes indeed! But not for me. For “kom op tegen kanker”.  In 2004 I made especially for “kom op tegen kanker”, “cancer aid” that is,  an action painting of 1m to 1.40 m to 5 cm, a very unique and exquisite piece that I like to sell to the highest bidder.

It represents the feeling one has when first the message of cancer has been produced. But vertically and horizontally you find cords running over the canvas as a token of hope, a string to hold on to. Which helps the healing process. It is especially a fine piece for companies.

I will not sell it for less than 2500 euros. Every higher bid is sold! So if you would spread this news, I would be most grateful! All of the money goes to this aid programm.

Q: consider it done!

Pg : thank you very much!

Q : any thing else?

Pg : one last thing : Belgian gallery holders may contact me any time for upcoming exhibitions at patrick.gysemberg@telenet.be

Q: thank you for this interview!

Pg : thank you!


Thank you all for your continuing support of the arts in general!

opening gala night on ts maxim gorkiy with two professional dance couples

opening gala night  on ts maxim gorkiy with two professional dance couples


a Tribute to "Nicole and Hugo" - a professional show bizz couple who got worldwide recognition and appreciation by performing on all world cruises

a tribute to "Nicole and Hugo"

  a professional show bizz couple

 who got worldwide recognition and appreciation

 by performing high quality singing and dancing acts

on all world cruises

ts maxim gorkiy, Russian cruise liner, lifting anker

ts maxim gorkiy, Russian cruise liner, lifting anker



floating/drifting ice in front of Svalbard

bad/beautiful weather above Svalbard

"a room with a view" "a cabine with double seaview"

back of ts maxim gorkiy - original painting digitally remastered

back of ts maxim gorkiy - original painting digitally remastered

back of TS Maxim Gorkiy in Hoenigsvag, Norway - original painting

ship ghosts on visit

nothing is what it seems : TS maxim gorkiy front in nightly waters in moonshine

action painting impression of the original TS Maxim Gorkiy chimney (unique in the world) 2nd impression

North Cape seen through bulls eye of TS maxim gorkiy - an action painting impression

the cruise liner TS Maxim Gorkiy in the Geiranger Fjord of Norway on July the 15th of 2005