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Hollywood, june 15th 2004


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·                        Belgian  one-minute-paintings conquer the world thanks to Neil Diamond

·                          Fond - newsletter (friends of Neil Diamond) Neil Diamonds official fanletter

                spends an entire page on the Belgian TV art project


Superstar Neil Diamond evaluates the art act of a Belgian action painter, who combined the creation of a one-minute-painting with the music of the superstar, with an article in his own newsletter for his fans. .


This “FOND-Newsletter”  (FOND stands for : friends of Neil Diamond) is the official international Neil Diamond fan magazine that is distributed from Hollywood, where the world star has his home base and business centre, in thousands of copies for his die-hard fans all over the world, from the US to New Zealand and Australia. 

In the newest edition, that has been edited and spread this week, the American Superstar gave to Patrick Gysemberg, the action painter (a la Pollock) the possibility to tell the one-minute -paintings TV story all over again, including the publication of the five art pieces (all on canvas 1 meter to 1 meter big!!!) . This resulted in a full page story about the reasons of combining this act with the music of the master himself. So we do learn about an art project that was broadcasted on Belgian national television, where Patrick created in an action-paintings style a la Jackson Pollock (another famous US artist) five new works with mixed media on canvas, inspired by the music of Neil. "There are some irregularities in the story", Patrick told us", so it says that the viewers could vote on a red or green button un the TV screen", he said", " but this is not entirely accurate". "People could vote on the internet by clicking on these buttons and not on their TV set," he added". "of course, this is not the most important issue", the proud artist told us,"”the most important thing is that my art act gets this kind of attention from such a superstar!, ”.“I wanted to prove with this act of the arts that I could do/create something in one minutes time that made people think about life, about what they are viewing, about what they are doing with their lives, so they would contemplate a little about this over-commercialized world of ours with wrong pure commercial values" "As the music of Neil Diamond is bringing additional joy and happiness and contributes to the beauty of this world", " I consider this art that adds something to our today's world." "Furthermore did his music comfort me a lot whilst performing on TV" " So I actually used it also to calm my nerves", the painter added!  "But I think, when I see all the reactions coming in from all over the world, that my one-minute act has proven its value!" 

“The only negative remark came from my own father, who stated that he would never ever put his family name under these kind of work (this means he was a little embarrassed what I did on TV!!!)"the successful painter stated. 

"But, as his oldest son, I ll forgive him for this!", Patrick smiled.


Last weekend the one-minute paintings were  exposed on a local art show in Wommelgem Belgium.

As from July 2004 they were travelling international whilst participating on an international Art exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, organised by an Hamburgian Art academy , where they will be available for the whole month for the public to view.



some reactions after reading the FOND newsletter :


Patrick you have a full page in FOND newsletter with pics!!!!n/t
Posted by Bonnie 2004-05-24 16:46:13.0




Nu nog het te zien krijgen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


fond = friends of Neil Diamond

It's great that Neil is aware of Patrick's talent.
Posted by Soma 2004-05-20 08:53:34.0



Congratulations to Patrick and thanks for including us in the process


Wow!!! How fabulous for Patrick ... Congratulations!! And ...
Posted by Talking Optimist 2004-05-20 12:28:01.0



how wonderful for Neil that he was able to make a connection to Patrick's gifted talents and see his artwork manifested through Neil's inspiring music!!

Something tells me that Neil may just have one of Patrick's paintings hanging in his own home or office, if he hasn't done so already ... maybe the original of "Not Even the Chair" ...

I am so happy for Patrick ... he definitely deserves the recognition and accolades that he receives for his artistry!!

FOND Newsletter Arrived today............n/t

  Posted by Bonnie 2004-05-24 11:41:44.0 
OK - Patrick,,,your beautiful paintings and a full page article, way to go

  Posted by Bonnie 2004-05-24 12:23:08.0 





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 Not even the chair

inspired by “ I am I said” of Neil Diamond