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the value of life is measured by its beauty

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action painter for a better world - a drop of water on a hot plate

 vietnamgirl : "wanna have some pees, one dollar, one dollar...."


woman with the white hat : "aah, this reminds me, I am going to wear my white silk dress with the cape tonight on "captains dinner"!

"Do remind me to wear this dress, dear, and take a picture of her. She is sooo sweet!..."


may these haunting differences fade away in the years to come!

"no words to be spoken here..." (c) patrick gysemberg

"may life in the upcoming year 2008 be good to you!"

patrick gysemberg  action painter for a better world 2005-2008

my statement of life

If, at the end of your life, someone would ask you if you
had done something to contribute to the world peace, would
you be able to say : “yes, I did?”
I, at least, will be able to say so, that I used all my
means possible to do so,
I would be able to say that I have tried, even if I did not
I have a feeling inside that tells me that I have to do
this, even if this brings me being laughed at and
sneer...patrick 29/09/04

The value of life is measured by its beauty.
Hey! It is absolutely GREAT it see YOU visiting my website!
Several years ago I had my first "artist name cards" printed
by a professional printer. I choose to put a "statement" on
the card : Life is Art. With this statement I wanted to
indicate that life itself is already in all his aspects a
form of Art. I just wanted to wake up those people who
were/still are soooo busy with every day life that they
forget about life itself! They forget to look around, to
look at the ones they love...they just forget...till life
has passed and no beauty has been seen or found. "Life is
Art" means that we CAN make life into Art, if we want to. We
can, of course make life into living hell...this everyone
knows...the opposite however, one tends to forget or not see
at all....thus : " Life is Art " is a guideline, a gentle
warning, a soft touching of your cheek, a tender kiss on
your forehead, a smile on your lips, a little jump in the
sky, a teasing joke on the side; it is for all the truth.
Because the web did not have this name free anymore I was
"forced" to choose: "MY life is art", as it was the closest
to my statement and my idea's. This does not mean that my
life IS really Art! No, it is not. But I try to live up to
my believes and the harder I do this, as I have noticed, the
more things are turning to be all right. Still my life is a
quest for the ultimate answer that none of us has found up
till now or, if so, no one ever did tell me about it.. Enjoy
your stay here. Enjoy your life! You should, you know, cause
it 'll always appear too short. It sure IS too short!!!! IT
IS!!!! ( just think about it, just once...)

My ability to love life and all human beings who are
actually at this moment enriching my existance on this
planet, is mostly so intensely activated that it is hurting
me like a razorblade cutting my intestines. My favourites
are....(this you would like to know, would you not???????)
YESS You are one of them!

Since I started to work with oils, no more than a handfull of years
ago, I have come a long way.
Because I knew I could draw from my early years in
childhood, I started to make figurative paintings, but they
seem to lack "something". For sure I was not very satisfied
with the outcome, with the results.
As my brother asked me to make an abstract painting a few
years ago, I started to experiment with all media involved.
And here something wonderful happened : I found out that ,
every time I started on one of my abstract "oils", I never
knew where I nor the painting itself would end. I thus, just
let "things" happen. I create, without knowing the outcome.
I draw, paint, put together, assemble, use oils and other
material, to achieve the endresult. I juse become part of a
creative process.
I see/feel a very strong "force" taking over during the act
of creation. It guides me through my paintings and leads me
to the end result. It is very hard for me to detect when
this should be: when I should stop this interactive process
between me, my brush, the canvas and the paint. There lies
my responsibility as a painter, a creator. I determine the
composition because I determine when to stop this creative
process. The final composition always is - or should be at
least - a token of beauty of something in life that is
surrounding us. The outcome has to match my vision of beauty
and should at least be a reflection of it. My paintings are
vivid, full of life and colour, because this is what or who
I am. They are a reflection of my inner self, erupted out of
my sub conscience, as a proof of respect for the life we
lead, we hold and we treasure. After finishing this creative
process, I try the utmost to look for the appropriate title,
since I believe there is a huge interaction going on between
title and painting, as if the painting is a token, a
statement from beyond; an expression from higher forces.
>Each painting has a message, but surely there are more
messages possible than the one I detected. This makes my
oils, my art pieces subject to contemplation and reflection
on life in all its aspects.
One of my huge paintings I sold to an American very
recently, was sold because of the explicit relation between
the painting and the title.
My "oils" are mostly big, because this is a great size to
decorate one's home with, you do not need frames.
My "oils" - merely all abstract expressionist pieces - are
"my statement",
they are "my will",
they are "me".

Patrick Gysemberg 04 January 2004



one day,
some time ago actually,
I had some terrible dreams during the night
I was about four years old,
the dreams were so heavy and incredibly weird, that I, as a child in time
not knowing anything yet about life and paintings, was really afraid of those dreams
it were dreams of pictures, of weird forms
of strong, very colourful pictures of all possible designs, all mixed up and leaving me as a very afraid child behind with my dreams. the pictures I saw, were like the paintings of Pollock and always filled up my retina of the eye.
I did not understand what I was seeing in my dreams.
I mostly woke up crying
because they kept coming back
over and over again
but I did not dare to tell anyone
because no one would believe me,
would they?
only years later, when I was already in the midst of real action painting
I bought a book about painting and painters
my interest was immediately drawn by some pictures of paintings that were so to speak, in the same line, as I was making them
it were Pollock's paintings
I started to read about this man and his life and his paintings
I saw his paintings
I saw his drive
I recognized his way of thinking and aggression towards it all
I was born on st Patrick day
my first name is Patrick
but my parents didn't even know about the existance of st patricksday
I am not trying to insinuate anything here,
I am just stating facts that really happened  in my life.
Because they did happen.
Enjoy my paintings
As from now on
I will try to pass through this "pollock" period
and combine all elements I have found in this flabbergasting encounter
with new forms and methods
to go on creating Art, as this is neccessary for me,
on the same level
as breathing is.

patrick gysemberg - action painter for a better world    15/05/2005




Past exhibitions :
*2001 City town hall Wommelgem November-December 2001
*2002 City town Hall Wommelgem November-December 2002
*2002 Town Center Hall Ranst, art exhibiton of local artists weekend 25/04/2002
*2003 "Hang Arte" major private exhibition in a huge hangar in Berlaar (Lier) near Antwerp for two weeks.April 25 th till 10th of Mai 2003

*From February 2004 till the end of june 2004 a major exhibition of all available art pieces were on show in the "Elewijt Hotel and Congress Center" in Elewijt, Belgium, near Brussels and Antwerp.
Februar 2004
modern oils and contemporary mixed media art pieces

*aPRIL 2004 / the making of five one-minute paintings live on Belgian Television for "man bites dog" a prime time program, during the music of Neil Diamond

*TV special on action painting "1000 suns and shrimps" - painting made (same name)

*July 2004 Marziart Gallery - Hamburg - germany 1 month exhibition one-minute-paintings

*December 2004 : finalist of International Art competition " in peace" of the Artrom gallery, rome, Italy

*January 2005 : finalist of International Art competition " beyond boundaries" of the Artrom gallery, Rome, Italy

*2005 : finalist of International Art competition "totally weird" of the Artrom Gallery, Rome, Italy

*from 20-29 Mai 2005 Mylifeisart is selected to participating at the international Art ARAD Biennale in ARAD - Roumenia. cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances - too high participation cost

*From Januari 2005 selected to be represented by New York gallery Agora, Soho District. cancellation of this project due to too high expenses.

 *from 24 september to 02 october 2005 mylifeisart  participated at the 18 th international fair of contemporary arts in Libramont, Belgium.Libr' Art participation in International Art Fair in Libramont, Belgium.

some  e v e n t s  in past time

*Mylifeisart TM  has been analyzed, pre cassified and selected to expose in Muestra the international of Art - Vendado Tuerto 2006 - Argentina5th through 31st July 2006 in Venado Tuerto, ARGENTINA.M.I.A.D. VENADO TUERTO 2006


*selected by competition  - 3dr prize winner international art competition, exposition in Berlin, germany, from 20 th of january 2006 till Januari 31th at Gallery 24, Berlin.

6 nautical paintings now have found a home in Berlin.till August 2006



the winners of the competition

"action painting portraits-impressions of some exquisite ladies and gentlemen"

were on show in all of the shops of the city of HERENTALS (belgium)

 in September 2006,

starting on "the day of the customer"

, lasting for at least a week.

* a series of action painting portraits of a selection of fine people who have done something exquisite or outstanding in their lives to enhance beauty and to make other people happy or their lives more valuable. be aware : all persons from selection are still alive : "nicole and hugo" - a Flemish professional artis couple, working mostly on cruise ships all over the world, "Neil diamond", lifetime singer songwriter, "Queen Paola", for marrying into the Belgian Royals. "Frank VanMechelen", movie maker , "Stany Crets", actor and TV program inventor, " Jan Declair", acting monument, "phara de aguirre", TV news and information lady, known for her strict, honest and tough questioning technique...

* presentation of nautical and arctis painting series in Bonn, looking for exhibition space now. Please contact +32-495-792336 or on patrick.gysemberg@telenet.be

what on earth is "action painting"?

Action painting is an Art form,

invented and practiced by Jackson Pollock in the mid 1940s in the USA.  It is all about painting in a completely abstract manner, using the `drip and splash'-style and method, which was quite revealing at that time. Instead of using the traditional easel the canvas is affixed to the floor or the wall and the paint is poured and dripped from a can; instead of using brushes we manipulate it with `sticks, trowels or knives', sometimes obtaining a heavy impasto by an admixture of `sand, broken glass or other foreign matter. This manner of Action painting had in common with Surrealist theories of automatism that it was supposed by artists and critics alike to result in a direct expression or revelation

of the unconscious moods of the artist. Neither Jackson Pollock nor I believe in the fact that the paint just falls “randomly” on to the canvas. It falls according to the artist intentions. There is no coincidence what so ever. There is no luck.

It is the inner self of the artist that is represented in each and every action painting. This painting goes one step further than pure action painting.

It is the mixture of the inner self of the artist, of myself revealing my love and affection towards the item I tried to visualize on the canvas :

the chimney of the TS  Maxim Gorkiy cruise liner.


Patrick gysemberg – action painter for a better world – 25 November 2004

painting donated to phoenix Reisen in Bonn germany as gratitude for the constant way of offering beauty to the world

artist statement  : www.mylifeisart.com


patrick gysemberg

silent action painter for a better world

van tichelenlei 61

2160 wommelgem



*offering "quick'n paint" action painting portraits - see elsewhere on this web site - home page

about mylifeisart


  • The beauty of life itself
  • Returning to the basics and fundamental values of life
  • Emphasizing the importance of life’s fundamentals / essentials
  • Enhancing the “ feel good” experience
  • Oils and mixed media (earthenware/paintspray/Hammarite) on large canvasses
  • Abstract intimate but expressionist pieces, revealing the inner fragile and breakable self, as a support to all stated above.
  • Patrick Gysemberg is self-taught, draws since childhood but started with oils and mixed media on canvas seven years ago.
  • Patrick Gysemberg works as a medium between his creative tools, his art pieces and an unidentified force that takes over or at least interacts during the process of creation.
  • He creates Art with a message and wants to awaken all those who are trapped in today’s society by their every day wrongly motivated actions.
  •  He creates beauty as it is surrounding us in everyday life as he sees it and as he feels it, in close cooperation/interaction with this unknown force

·         Mylifeisart ™ is indeed a “gentle warning” to all concerned about the empty material hastiness of our new world



some   facts 


  • 2002 & 2003 Wommelgem City town Hall Art exhibition
  •  April 2003 local artist weekend exhibition in Ranst, Belgium
  • 2003 Hangarte: private exhibition in a huge hangar in Lier (Berlaar), Belgium
  • February 2004 – June 2004 Art exhibition - Elewijt Congress Centre: C – Arte (=séminarte)
  • February 2004 permanent Art exhibition in a “Livingstone”  example visiting house in Turnhout, Belgium
  • July 2004 Marziart International Artgallery  in Hamburg, northern Germany
  • Member of the Belgian Art website: www.belgianart.be
  • Accepted by the American “fine-art” community in December 2002 www.fine-art.com, gallery Patrick Gysemberg
  • First online large painting sold to the USA, South Carolina, Aiken.
  • Represented by Grantsterling, a fine-art gallery in Miami beach Florida USA www.grantsterling.com , artist Patrick gysemberg
  • Represented by s2 solutions in Portland, Oregon, USA  www.community-arts.net
  • January 2004: accepted after jury evaluation by worlds largest Art web community ; www.absolutearts.com or www.wwar.com ,  artist by name : gysemberg
  • as from 01/01/2004 the word : “Mylifeisart”™ is protected as a trademark ™
  • 01/01/2004 Patrick Gysemberg acquires the official status of “independent professional artist” => His home address has now become an “Artstore” with the same name.

 the value of life is measured by its beauty


you are not honestly telling me

that this circus we were born into

is real life?

come on, no kidding me, no fooling me

stop acting, stop lying, stop cheating, stop hating  and...

start to live, laugh, love, touch, sing, cry, weep, shout

do whatever you want,

but don't hold back,

just let go, feel your emotions, show your 'self'

let go of your 'self'

show them who you are, show them what you are,

show me where

show me you

I show you me

as I am hiding deep inside myself,

as you can find me deep inside, if you look for me well

 I should not hide, no sir, no

I should be me, I should be glad

I should not be afraid of the cruel  and absolutely mad

outside world

with all its dictatorial rules and guidelines of engagement

towards the major stream of money and wealth

against the purity of the human soul

as this is scattered and crushed

to many tiny pieces of lost hopes and dreams of the unstable

insanity thanks the sane but

grow with all the pains as pain is life

life is on going

as money kills all

creativity where are you

feeling lonely and sad and mad and cold and afraid and little

getting killed indeed, by life as it is overwhelmingly wrong

but not yet, no, not yet, no  just you wait

slowly though as  in "step by step"

afraid as with fear fulfilled, yes, fear is to be hated

with utmost hatred of Muslim intensity and Christian precision

towards the lonely feel of the not understood

child in time

as time kills all, our killing fields are all around us now

as they not seem to know

feeling immortal, the poor motherf*ckers

as many they are, too many it seems

as I do not seem to find,

security of thought of my floating soul

wandering around in the midst of those whom I love

but may not be grasping my drift

nor catching my feel, my fear, my despair, my chronicle disbelieve

towards it all

as drifting around in  an artistic desert of pure golden hills

excuses are taken and given, as easy as that

to all regulating humans of the immortal heroes

they laugh, they laugh, the poor bastards

but only forget that the time it was for the last

could be any moment as from now

we live

but do not live

our lives

are no lives

we drift

and just drift


time has gone out

please hold me,

hold me strong,

break my back if you need to,

I need you;

but this

you might have guessed

as you read this thing

till the end!

love you!



pet painting salon turnhout april 2006

Pers info pers info

PET PAINTING SALON with participation of  action painter Patrick gysemberg “mylifeisart”


§ Happening: 26/2 van 14 tot 18u in de KUUB (second room of the  Warande)


* exhibition : 16/3 tot 9/4 in the exhibition area of the  Warande

art or kitch?




sleeping dog   acrylic on canvas  50 cm - 40 cm 2006



master and his dog : acrylic on canvas 40 x 50 cm 2006




Kristofer Paetau:

 The end of February we have a special project in the "Warande", cultural centre of the city of Turnhout

Mixture of amateur , semi professional and professional painters, mixed styles, different styles


Common issue is the portrait as such



Kristofer is a talented artist who organizes happenings and uses them for his investigations, just see on his website ,. www.paetau.com this tells you more.

 He will keep himself on a distance and is faithful to his actions.  Thi!s is not about a usual exhibition as the word implizates, but he wants to present the various works as optimal as possible, the contrasts can be interesting


Furthermore it will be a fine day, the intentions and the hearts are ok and the models feel like having fun.


It is about a project of Kristofer Paetau, a young artist/curator from Finland who is now residing at the HISK (higher Institute for Beautiful Art of Antwerp), in collaboration with artist Ondrei Brody and “The Warande” from Tunrhout.


The happening will be on Sunday the 26 th of February and is called PET PAINTING SALON;


IT IS THE intention to paint a number of people together with their pets. About 50 artists/painters are to be invited and some more models with their pets. Some will work one afternoon at one paintings, others will do more than one, depending on style and technique. Model and painter will find themselves and each other in a nice atmosphere. From 1400 hrs till 1800 hrs there will be working on the paintings. Afterwards  the painting can be left for the exhibition or it can be taken home for further finishing works.


This happening is not available for the audience but will be registred through photo and film cameras. As from the 16th of March all produced works will be exhibited  in the “Warande” till the 9th of April. Also the material of registration will be part of the exhibition.


The idea for the happening is from Kristofer Paetau, as an artist, supplier of ideas, he will be keeping himself at the background. He will film and document this happening. 




art,painting,art,beauty,expressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, book, novel, charity,long term investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,neil diamond,pollock, action painting

art,painting,art,beauty,expressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, book, novel, charity,long term investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,neil diamond,pollock, action painting

bin laden

art,painting,art,beauty,expressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, book, novel, charity,long term investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,neil diamond,pollock, action painting 

Patrick Gysemberg

You do what you have to do in this life, I do what I have to do
Finalizing political art act
Donation of oil portrait to mr osama bin laden

Sunday 24th of October 2004
Location: underneath (or close by – since it is closed for renovation)the monument “atomium”
Brussels, Belgium
Guaranteed from 12.00hrs till 13.00hrs

On Saturday 23rd of October the exact spot is being located and determines the place of the oil portrait, which is placed upon a wooden statue, together with a note of warning/explanation of this humanitarian political art project.

On Sunday the 24th of October 2004, on an unknown moment in the days time, the painting will be placed on the chosen spot, left there for at least one hour to Mr Osama bin Laden to be able to pick up this piece of art.

Explanation for those who do not understand this action
This action : putting a portrait/oil painting underneath the "atomium" in Brussels on Sunday the 24th of October 2004 painting to be picked up by mr Osama Bin laden himself, between 12.00 hrs and 13.00 hrs on that day. purpose/meaning :"If, at the end of your life, someone would ask you if you had done something to contribute to the world peace, would you be able to say from within your heart : “yes, I did?”I, at least, will be able to say, that I used all my means possible to do so, I would be able to say that I have tried, using all the gifts and talents I was set on this planet with, even if I did not succeed…

I have a feeling inside that tells me that I have to do this, even if this brings me laughter, being laughed at and sneer...

"Patrick Gysemberg 16/10/2004"
Look at this "bad boy", he could be funny indeed. In the past, people often looked at their enemies as harmless clowns so to wipe out the increased fear of them. Bravo Patrick! "

comment of fellow artists on fine-art:

a personal way to deal with terrorism at this moment.
a personal reaction on the terror escalation at this very moment.
a personal way to present a message to the world.
a very humble, yet personal contribution to try to establish world peace.
if any person would contribute to world peace with only one action, how little it may be, this world would start to look differently.
a personal critic to the way the Bush administration is handling the search of
Osama Bin Laden.
a way to tell the world that we are forgetting the main reason why we are here
on this planet.
a way to integrate art into society.
a way to demonstrate that art is still part of today's society.
a way to combine art with politics.
a way to warn the world that "power" and "money" are taking over and are now dominating/controlling all human interaction activity.
a way to let Mr Osama Bin Laden reconsider his actions.

© Patrick gysemberg – action painter
cell phone +32-495-792336
e-mail : Patrick.gysemberg@telenet.be

art,painting,art,beauty,expressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, book, novel, charity,long term investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,neil diamond,pollock, action painting

art,painting,art,beauty,expressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, book, novel, charity,long term investment,decoration,paint,mixed,media,neil diamond,pollock, action painting

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